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Barbara Araujo

M: 646-361-1871

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Meet Our Broker, Barbara Araujo.

Hi, thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I’m a mom, wife, neighbor, friend and entrepreneur. Born and raised as a bilingual, New Yorker.

In 2003, I became a Real Estate Agent to fill a void in the industry; specifically, one that was affecting me. Before a career in Real Estate and home ownership, I was raised in a rental apartment in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Growing up, I always dreamt of living in a house. As an adult I saved up and established good credit.

At the age of 29, I was finally ready to become a homeowner. Excitedly, I contacted a few well known agencies in the Bronx to help me search. With a mortgage approval in hand, the search for my first home began. What should have been an exciting experience was actually quite disappointing and frustrating! No matter how specific I was in describing the type of home I needed, no one seemed to listen. Perhaps out of sheer desperation to sell they sent me to view houses either out of my price range or in the wrong neighborhoods or with unacceptable layouts (frame instead of brick, no parking, 2 bedrooms instead of 3, etc.). I can share some crazy stories.

After months of nonsense, I took matters into my own hands. I signed up for a real estate class at a local college because I couldn’t understand why buying a house was so difficult. As destiny would have it, (and unbeknownst to me at the time), the class I signed up for was a Real Estate Sales Person Class. My Professor was GREAT! I became excited again about the prospect of owning a home. Forty-five hours, two exams and an interview with an investor later, I stumbled into a new career and found my first home in the neighborhood I dreamed of.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of other families realize their dreams. I feel honored to have stumbled into the industry and to have been entrusted with helping others with probably the biggest financial decision of their lives! Keeping in mind my experiences, I created a company where our mantra is to truly listen to our client’s individual circumstances, hopes and needs allowing us to make personalized recommendations that can be trusted.

When someone asks me “Why should we work with TurnKey NY?” Well, of course we are going to be honest, reliable, professional, informative, personable, and trustworthy. But most importantly, (what I needed then), you will always have: our ear because we’re listening!

Barbara Araujo
Real Estate Broker
Mobile: 646-361-1871
TurnKey NY
Pound Ridge NY 10576

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